About me

I am a person that is litteraly addicted to technology. Therefore I extremely like programming and everything in, on and out of the PC (software, hardware, ...). I live in Belgium, West-Flanders, in the best student city: Bruges.

I am intrested in all programming/scripting languages and I want more. I'm ready to learn more if that is needed and I'm not afraid to be helped too. ICT is a huge sector and it is impossible to know everything about it. Further more I am very kind, punctual, focused, calm, structured and some more.



Web Design (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, Bootstrap3)


Others (Java, PAWN, SQL)


Operating Systems (Windows, Linux (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu))


My projects

I do not have any major or huge projects (for now), they are rather all small as I do much stuff as hobby.

Private Servers

I maintain and administrate 2 virtual private servers with several services for communities. Helping them, linking domains, installing services and much more. Located at exp-gaming.net


I really enjoy working with API's. I've worked with the API of PayPal, Twitter, Pingdom and Google.

Multiplayer servers

I am/was programmer/scripter of 3 San Andreas Multiplayer Servers, for 2 of them I made the website/user control panel on my own. The servers are LM-DM, Police And Terrorists and Minigames Server


Stream youtube songs to sa:mp server, VPS resource viewer, youtube to mp3 API, forum software migration script and some other small stuff I made is located on my GitHub.


My father has a bakery which I made a website for.

Computer build

I've build my own desktop computer. Specifically a gaming computer. Specs: intel i5-6500, MSI H110M ECO, 8GB RAM DDR4, XFX RX 480, SSD of 275 GB and a HDD of 250GB from my broken mini-laptop.
Next to that: Phanteks P400S, 2x BenQ GW2270HM and a wifi adapter (the TP-Link TL-WDN4800)


Flarum is forum software which is currently in b├ęta. I've contributed by making a MyBB to flarum migration script

Get Social

I do not add strangers on facebook. Facebook is personal altho some people already found me there.

Michael Verlinde

Potentional web-designer/software developer

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